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Over 90% of these opals are mined in Australia. Their amazing display of colors and mesmerizing patterns are richer than a painter’s palette.

Did you know that opal is one of the only gemstones that is found on Mars?


Vibrant threads of color flow throughout this mesmerizing gem. Filled with intense opulence and richness, Boulder Opals hold a one-of-a-kind magic only the wearer knows.

Opal Hoops with Diamonds

A pair of hoops consisting of opals with a diamond accent

Opal and Sapphire Ring

An opal and sapphire cocktail ring

Mixed Opal Necklace with Diamonds

A necklace set with mixed opals and accented by diamonds

Classic Bracelet with Opals and Diamonds

A classic bracelet set with opals, accented by diamonds

Ear Pendants with Opals, Sapphires and Diamonds

A pair of ear pendants consisting of opals and sapphires accented by diamonds

Opal and Emerald Bracelet with Diamonds

An exquisite bracelet set with opals and emerald cabochons accented with diamonds