RUCHI New York


Sapphires are mined all over the world including Australia, Montana, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China and Madagascar, although the finest and the rarest quality have come from Kashmir, India. Since Sapphires are one of the hardest minerals in the world and the most durable gemstone, they are often used for engagement rings.

Did you know that many famous people, such as Napolean Bonaparte and Prince Charles gifted their wives with a sapphire ring on their engagement?


Midnight Blue consisting of deep blue sapphires has been inspired by wisdom, stability and confidence; all elements of a Ruchi woman.

Sapphire Nugget Cocktail Ring

Bold sapphire nugget cocktail ring engulfed in a cluster of diamonds

Sapphire Nugget Earrings

A pair of sapphire nugget earrings consisting of hues of faceted sapphires and diamonds

Sapphires And Diamond Marquise Hoops

A pair of hoops consisting multishape sapphires and diamond marquise

Sapphire Earrings With Diamonds

A decadent pair of baguette cut sapphire earrings accented with diamonds

Sapphire Bracelet with Diamonds

An ombré sapphire bracelet accented by diamonds

Sapphire Flower Earrings with Baguettes and Diamonds

A pair of sapphire flower earrings flanked with baguettes and round diamonds