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While emeralds are mined commonly in Zambia and Brazil, the largest productionof emeralds come from Colombia. Colombian mines are often responsible for some of the finest quality of emeralds. Emerald is a soft stone and has to be handled with care. It is extremely rare to find a clean Emerald without inclusions, rock deposits within the famous gemstones are natural common and part of the beauty of them gem.

Did you know that the emeralds have been around for 2 billion years and since then have been a favorite of Cleopatra, Elizabeth Taylor as well as the other Royals?


Formed in the earth’s core, the decadent emerald collection inspired by growth and new beginnings that often lay in nature and our everyday existence.

Emerald And Diamond Cocktail Ring

An elaborate emerald and diamond cocktail ring

Emerald Infinity Band with  Diamonds

A pear shaped emerald infinity band accented with diamonds

Emerald and Diamond Earrings

A pair of flexible emerald and diamond earrings fabricated with all pearshapes

Emerald Ring Accented With Diamonds

A fancy emerald cut emerald ring accented with diamonds

Emerald and Diamond Ear Clips

A pair of fancy emerald and diamond ear clips

Emerald Nugget Bracelet

A bold emerald nugget bracelet