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Fire Opals belong to the opal family and are primarily mined in Mexico. The stone’s appeal comes from the vividness of the color. It can range from yellow to light red and can even have brownish undertones.

Did you know that the Aztecs and the Mayans used Fire Opal in jewelry and they called it “Stone of the Bird of Paradise”?


Like the power of lava, the free form nature of the fire opal is alluring, striking and fluid. When a Ruchi woman wears this seductive gem, her irresistible essence is felt all around her.

Fire Opal Earrings with Diamonds

Fire opal earrings accented with diamonds

Fire Opal Pendant Framed By Diamonds

A simple Fire opal pendant framed by diamonds

Fire Opal And Diamond Oval Hoops

Fire opal and diamond oval hoops

Fire Opal Bracelet Wth Diamonds

Flexible fire opal bracelet accented with diamonds

Fire Opal Ear Pendants With Diamonds

Long fire opal ear pendants, accented with Diamonds

Fire Opal Ring With Diamonds

Flashy Fire opal ring accented by diamonds