RUCHI New York


These are thinly sliced sections of large Rough Diamonds, that show interesting patterns while keeping the stones original outline. Creating jewelry with slice diamonds requires highly skilled workmanship.

Did you know Diamond inclusions in each individual stone tell unique stories that span back millions of years?


These organic forms symbolize natural shapes in nature to tell a one-of-a kind story. Slice diamonds are characterized by their abundance of inclusions and hand-crafted to be extremely unique for the wearer in this collection.

Butterfly Brooch with slice diamonds and rough diamonds

A butterfly brooch set with slice diamonds, accented with round diamonds

Slice Diamond Cocktail Ring

A slice diamond Cocktail ring

Slice Diamond Hoops with Round Diamonds

A pair of slice diamond hoops accented by round diamonds

Slice Diamond Earrings

A two layer, linear slice diamond earrings

Flower Earclips with diamond slices and round diamonds

A pair of flower earclips consisting of diamond slices and round diamonds

Slice Diamonds necklace with round diamonds

A classic slice diamond necklace, accented by round diamonds