RUCHI New York
Ruchi Kotahwala


meet the designer

Born and raised in India, where jewelry is an inherent part of the culture, I was always surrounded by jewelry and loved nothing more than trying on my mom and grandmother’s pieces. I realized early on that I wanted to express my creativity through jewelry. At 16, I started a small business of designing and making important jewelry for weddings and special occasions for friends and family. While in college in Mumbai, my jewelry hobby and passion quickly turned into a real business. After getting a degree in accounting and commerce, I traveled to Carlsbad, CA to study jewelry design at the Gemological Institute of America, and two decades later, I established my own brand RUCHI in New York City.


“Luxury is no longer about wearing a signature piece of jewelry, it’s more about being unique while being comfortable in your own skin. ”

I am perennially inspired by my two favorite hobbies – meditation and travel. My physical and spiritual journeys guide my creativity. I spend much of my morning hours in meditation. I get connected to my inner self and believe that the universe holds unlimited opportunities, where cohesiveness exists between the outer world and our inner world (between elements of nature and human attributes). I also draw inspiration from the world around me while in New York as well as during my travels. I get inspired by everything from multicolored lanterns displayed in the streets of a small village in Hội An, Vietnam, to the cherry blossoms while walking with my children at the New York Botanical Garden. My designs are not limited by any particular form, shape or color, but are very diverse just like the world around us! They can vary from being bold and bright to simple and modest thus capturing a wide palette of personalities and tastes. My work focuses on using raw organic shapes of stones and a variety of colors as color to me reflect human moods. Playing with color in elegant ways is at the heart of my passion!

To me Luxury is no longer about wearing a signature piece of jewelry, it’s more about being unique while being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about wearing a piece or an outfit that reflects your own personality. Your Personal Reality!! It’s the piece that makes you feel the most YOU.


Having grown up in India, where women have traditionally received unequal treatment, I strongly believe in the financial empowerment of women, especially of the under-privileged. At Ruchi New York, we have partnered with several charities to financially empower women by helping them setup small businesses. We are also actively involved in educating the under privileged children in the developing nations of the world.

My mantra? The luxury of living with such beauty must be coupled with social responsibility. That is why our commitment to social justice is an integral part of our business.